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New Music Show September 2023

New Music Show September 2023

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On the Scars and Guitars September new music show Shepherds Reign will kick things off with their powerful fusion of Polynesian culture and metal, bringing a tribal spirit to the stage like you’ve never seen before. And who could forget the iconic metal queen, DORO, whose anthemic melodies and commanding vocals have defined the genre for decades.

Thrash metal pioneers Sadus will be there to unleash blistering riffs and relentless speed, while STAIND brings emotionally charged lyrics and raw sound.

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS feature Phil Campbell’s signature guitar riffs, and Don Broco will groove into your souls with their catchy hooks and alternative rock beats.

Prepare for an industrial metal assault from PAIN, and let Karoshi take you on an explosive journey with their heavy sound and thought-provoking lyrics.

STEVEN WILSON crafts intricate, otherworldly soundscapes that transcend the boundaries of progressive rock, while Derrick Stembridge brings his cyborg sounds. 

There’s a hauntingly beautiful mix of metalcore and ethereal melodies with SPIRITBOX and dive into the darkest realms of sound with CELESTE’s atmospheric black metal.

BLACKBRIAR has haunting vocals and symphonic elements, and OSAKA PUNCH infuses metal with a dose of funky energy.

Classic rock revivalists, GRAVEYARD will transport you back to the ’70s with their modern twist, while Green Lung takes you on a psychedelic trip through heavy riffs with their stoner rock sound.

Eric Sardinas teleports you to the Mississippi Delta with his bluesy slide guitar and raw vocals, and OUR LAST ENEMY will assault your senses with their industrial-infused metal.

Silent Planet will explore deep and introspective themes with their progressive metalcore, and With Honor will deliver raw aggression with a message of unity through their hardcore punk.

There’s a sonic assault from HEAD CLEANER with their brutal grindcore and groove to the explosive mix of punk and alternative rock from Banks Arcade.

The pioneers of brutal death metal, JOB FOR A COWBOY, will bring their signature brutality and technical precision, while Glacier Eater takes you on a journey through complex compositions with their progressive metal.

TESSERACT will mesmerize you with their djent-infused progressive metal, and CARNIFEX will deliver bone-crushing deathcore with a symphonic edge.

There’s a lightning-fast guitar assault from EXMORTUS, and brace yourself for a relentless sonic assault from Fuming Mouth.

SYLOSIS combines melodic death metal with thrash elements for a headbanging experience, while CRYPTOPSY pushes the boundaries of musical complexity with their technical death metal.

The sonic storm of heaviness from SUFFOCATION and OBSCURA’s progressive death metal showcases virtuosic musicianship and intricate compositions.

GO AHEAD AND DIE brings a ferocious blend of punk and thrash, and Born In Blood delivers an extreme metal assault that’ll leave an indelible mark.

REBAELLIUN will unleash a relentless barrage of Brazilian death metal, and DEN SAAKALDTE will weave a cold and haunting atmosphere with their black metal.

KONTUSION combines crushing breakdowns with melodic hooks in their metalcore sound, while OCTOBER TIDE evokes a sense of melancholic beauty with their death-doom metal.

There’s an auditory spectacle with IN THIS MOMENT and their theatrical twist on metalcore.

Empire de Mu pushes the boundaries of metal with their experimental sound, and Martorn takes you on a complex and emotional journey with their progressive metal.

OCEANS explores the depths of emotion with their post-metal sound, and Gravethorn delivers a dark and punishing sonic experience with their blackened death metal.

(The intro track is High Drama by MAC GOLLEHON & THE HISPANIC MECHANICS)


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