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Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge)

Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge)

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Vinnie Dombroski, the frontman of alternative rock band Sponge, talks about the story behind ‘Planet Girls’, a long-lost album that has recently been released. Originally intended to follow the success of their iconic albums’ Rotting Piñata’ and ‘Wax Ecstatic’, the label shelved Planet Girls and remained unreleased for years.

Vinnie discusses the original sound and vision of ‘Planet Girls’, which aimed to align more closely with Sponge’s earlier work rather than the pop-oriented direction of ‘New Pop Sunday’. He sheds light on the pressures from the music industry in the late ’90s, including the influence of contemporary bands like Goo Goo Dolls and the impact these pressures had on the band.

The conversation also explores Vinnie’s collaboration with producer Kevin Shirley on the ‘Planet Girls, the enduring relationship with Tim Patalan (producer of ‘Rotting Piñata’ and ‘Wax Ecstatic’), and the dynamics within the band during those pivotal recording sessions.

Further, Vinnie touches on the legacy of Sponge’s music, particularly discussing tracks like ‘Neenah Menasha’ and its significance in the ’90s alternative rock scene. He also pays tribute to the unique talents of band members like Mike Cross (RIP) and Joey Mazzola, giving fans a deeper insight into the chemistry and creativity defining Sponge’s sound.

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