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Nigel Wingrove – Art director (Cradle of Filth: 1992 – 1997)

Nigel Wingrove – Art director (Cradle of Filth: 1992 – 1997)

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Nigel Wingrove is an art director, filmmaker and director, writer and publisher whose imagery was used by Cradle of Filth in the 1990s. The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, V Empire and Dusk and her Embrace recordings all feature his artwork, as does most of the era’s merchandise. Images of scantly clad women in satanic settings are a feature of Nigel’s work, and back in the 90s, one couldn’t attend a metal gig without seeing a Cradle of Filth t-shirt with his creations. Throughout this conversation, Nigel shares insights from his career and how the opportunity to partner with Cradle came about. Another fantastic instalment of the ‘Chronicles of Filth’.

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Here is a sample of Nigel’s work from over the years!

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