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New music show June 2024

New music show June 2024

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On the Scars and Guitars new music show for June 2024, we kick things off with Bruce Dickinson’s “Resurrection Men” from The Mandrake Project and then move into Apocalyptica’s rendition of “The Call Of Ktulu,” featuring Cliff Burton from their album Apocalyptica Plays Metallica, Vol. 2. Ghost brings us “The Future is a Foreign Land” from the soundtrack RITE HERE RITE NOW: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK, followed by Simone Simons with “In Love We Rust” from Vermillion.

Michael Schenker’s “Mother Mary,” featuring Slash and Erik Grönwall, from My Years With UFO, provides a hard-hitting edge, while Cavalera’s “From the Past Comes the Storms” from Schizophrenia takes us deeper into the realm of classic extreme metal. Skid Row’s live performance of “Slave To The Grind” from Live In London and White Stones’ “La Ira” from Memoria Viva, led by Opeth’s Martín Méndez, continue to elevate the energy.

Zeal & Ardor’s “Fend You Off” from GREIF and Korpiklaani’s “Harhainen Höyhen” from RANKARUMPU showcase unique and powerful sounds. Athena XIX reunites with front-man Fabio Lione for “The Conscience Of Everything,” The Eternal delivers “Deathlike Silence” from Skinwalker, featuring Amorphis members Jan Rechberger and Niclas Etelävuori.

We then feature tracks like 96 Bitter Beings’ “Tripled Manic State” from “Return to Hellview” and Arka’n Asrafokor’s “Walk With Us” from Dzikkuh, blending intense metal with African traditions. Higher Power collaborates with Never Ending Game on “Stillpoint,” while Shun presents “Drawing Names” from Dismantle. Qaalm’s “First Light of the Last Dawn” from their EP of the same name and another live track from Bruce Dickinson, “Afterglow Of Ragnarok,” continue to diversify the playlist.

Curse Upon A Prayer’s “Black Venus Erotica” from The Worship: Orthoprax Satanism and Eternal Drak’s “Haunting Place” from Imprisoned Souls add a darker tone. Nighthämmer’s “Land Of Fear,” Paradise In Flames’ “I Feel The Plague” from Blindness, and Maudissez’s “Fracture Par Fracture” maintain the intense atmosphere.

Hässlig’s “Apex Predator”, Ancient Entities’ “Pierced by Obsidian” from Echoes of Annihilation, and Bleed From Within’s single “Hands of Sin” keep the momentum going. We also have Cabal’s “Sort Sommer” featuring FABRÄK, Crypt Crawler’s “The Immortal Realm,” and Fleshgod Apocalypse’s “Bloodclock” from Opera.

Obscene’s “The Reaper’s Blessing” from Agony & Wounds, Octoploid’s “Human Amoral” from Beyond The Aeons, and The Black Dahlia Murder’s “Aftermath” from Servitude provide more brutal sounds. Morgue Meat’s “Lesser Key Of Solomon” from Apocalyptic Visions, Traumatomy’s “Womb Of The Desecrated” from Triumph of Enslavement, and Clan dos Mortos Cicatriz’s “Flores cortadas, machado na pele” from Débil continue to push the envelope.

Nails’ “Imposing Will” from Every Bridge Burning, “Cavalera’s “Nightmares Of Delirium” from “Schizophrenia,” and from Saudi Arabia, Dune bring “Insidious” adding international flair. We wrap up with Exodus’ live track “Piranha” from British Disaster: The Battle of ’89, Blind Guardian’s revisited “The Quest For Tanelorn,” Orden Ogan’s “The Order Of Fear,” Chris Slade’s “Back With A Vengeance” from Timescape, and another live performance by Bruce Dickinson with “Abduction” from The Mandrake Project.

Enjoy the show!

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