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Sammy Duet (Acid Bath/ Goatwhore)

Sammy Duet (Acid Bath/ Goatwhore)

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Sammy Duet discusses his journey with Acid Bath and Goatwhore through tour experiences and reflects on albums like “When the Kite String Pops” and “The Eclipse of Ages into Black.” Sammy shares insights into his musical evolution, exploring influences behind Acid Bath’s themes and the transition to Goatwhore’s distinctive sound. Additionally, he discusses collaborations with Erik Rutan and Spike Cassidy from DRI, offering a comprehensive look at his prolific career in metal. 

EYEHATEGOD with GOATWHORE performing at:

  • July 23rd – Perth, Amplifier Bar w/ Flesh Prison
  • July 25th – Adelaide, Lion Arts Factory w/ Sundowner
  • July 26th – Melbourne, Max Watts w/ Choof
  • July 27th – Sydney, Crowbar w/ Aglo
  • July 28th – Brisbane, The Triffid w/ Defiant Ground

EYEHATEGOD is only performing at:

  • July 30th – Wellington, Valhalla w/ Caldera & Celtic Death
  • July 31st – Auckland, Mothership w/ Caldera & Slumbug


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