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Jason Evans (Ingested)

The catalyst for the chat with Jason is Ingested's tour of Australia in October. In this conversation, Jason dives deep into the complexities of the modern working world and the…

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A conversation with Mark Day (Happy Mondays)

Mark Day joins the show for a chat before they gear up for the "Twenty-Four Hour Party People Greatest Hits Tour" across Australia. Mark offers insight into their career, spanning…

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Barry Graham Purkis (Thunderstick / ex-Samson)

In 2017, 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' was released, an album marked by Barry's drumming and Lucie's vocals. Six years later, the focus is their album, 'Lockdown'. Through lineup changes,…

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Anthony Commane (Triple Kill)

Anthony talks about the new Triple Kill album Blackened Dawn, and we dive into topics related to all things metal, local and general. Intsagram: @triplekillband

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Michael Barber – Zargothrax (Gloryhammer)

GLORYHAMMER returns with "Return To The Kingdom Of Fife," a nuclear-powered heroic power metal album, which they are bringing to Australian Audiences this November. Michael Barber (Zargothrax - keyboards) is…

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Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy)

As Gomorrah Burns is Cryptopsy's latest album, marking their triumphant return after a five-year hiatus. In this episode, join us for an in-depth discussion with Matt as we delve into the…

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