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<strong>Tim Aymar (Control Denied, Pharaoh)</strong>

Tim Aymar (Control Denied, Pharaoh)

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Tim was one of the first musicians I reached out to for a conversation intended for the Scars and Guitars podcast in May 2017. He hadn’t been doing too well, but he mentioned things were looking better than they had been, and we had a classic conversation for well over an hour, which has been available via podcast apps since not long after we spoke. Fast forward almost five years, and here I am, repurposing the episode for the YouTube audience, and I thought I probably should check out what he’s been up to lately. A few entries into the search results, it said that Tim had left this mortal coil a few days ago. Incredible serendipity, I had the episode unlocked from Audacity and tidied it up in Premiere Pro, ready to do the voice-over for the introduction when I checked.  

Throughout this conversation, Tim shares his thoughts on his Control Denied bandmates and provides amazing insight into Chuch Schuldiner. The whole Control Denied saga is laid out, warts and all; it is great to hear Tim talking about it in such detail.   His voice was as powerful as Dio; it could soar beyond Bruce Dickinson and be as menacing as King Diamond. His talent was captured across many Pharoah albums, and on the sole Control Denied album in particular, so he will showcase his exceptional talent for generations.   

Lately, I was wondering how he had been getting on. I hope the poor bloke didn’t suffer and he is reunited with his brother and the other people he missed. Godspeed, Tim Aymar. May the earthly chains of pain and discomfort give way to the almighty’s grace. You will be missed.

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