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New music show- August 2021

New music show- August 2021

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🎶 THREE HOURS OF NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises 🎶
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♠️ With thanks to John Howarth, Golden Robot Records, Chris Maric from Maric Media, Janine Morcos from Dallas does PR, Metal Devastation PR, Earsplit PR and John Asher Media Relations ♠️
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License: APRA AMCOS Online Mini Licence Invoice No: OL-1872

1 Zeal & Ardor- Erase
2 Ministry- Good Trouble
3 Jinjer- Mediator
4 Kissing Candice- Brand New Low
5 Angels & Airwaves- Restless Souls
6 All Good Things- The Comeback
7 Buckcherry- Hellbound
8 HOOKERS & BLOW- Trampled Under Foot (Zep cover)
9 U.D.O.- Metal Never Dies
10 The Stone Eye- Catatonia
11 Rock N Roll Army- Don’t Ya Treat Me Bad
12 Ben Sollberger Project- Too Hot to Hold
13 Dangerous Curves- Good And The Bad
14 Rascal Whack- Not Enough
15 Fake News- Checking In
16 CROSSING I’S DOTTING T’S- Dissatisfied
17 Sonic Blast- Treasure Of The Victim
18 Corners of Sanctuary- Casualties of War
19 White Crone- Stargazer
21 Winter Nights- I Pray to I
22 Hammer King- Hammerschlag
23 Gorethrone- Celestial Noose
24 Misanthropik Torment- King of Fools
25 Blood Red Throne- Itika
26 Carnifex- Graveside Confessions
27 Kill The Imposter- Mace
28 Evoking Winds- In the Woods, On Yellow Sand
29 Gloop- Shadows
30 Divine Anger- Guru of Hate
31 Jet Jaguar- 10,000 Voices
32 The Omnific- Scurryfunge
33 The Wring- Cipher
34 GAUPA- Mjölksyra
35 Brundarkh- Bells Of The Drowned
36 Mõl- Photophobic
37 Therion- Eye Of Algol
38 Vandor- Fate of Eltoria
39 The Band Repent-War
40 Evil Spell- Padre Vostro
41 Space Chaser- Cryoshock
42 Scars- Ancient Power
43 Black Sabbath- Supernaut (Live North American Tour ’75)

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