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Scott Edgar (Misery/ Laceration Mantra)

Scott Edgar (Misery/ Laceration Mantra)

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Welcome to the chat with guitarist Scott Edgar, a prominent figure in the Australian death metal scene. Scott is a member of two formidable bands, Misery and Laceration Mantra, both hailing from Brisbane.

Misery, formed in 1991, is renowned for its brutal and uncompromising approach to extreme music. Their crushing riffs, relentless aggression, and dark lyrical themes have solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout their career, Misery has released four studio albums showcasing their brutal heaviness, with Scott as the band’s chief sonic weapon. Their discography features intense and visceral compositions, including intricate guitar work from Scott, thunderous drumming, and guttural vocals from Damon Robinson, one of the best death metal frontmen ever, delivering their ferocious lyrical content. Their captivating live performances have earned them a dedicated and loyal following, as they have shared stages with renowned metal acts and performed at notable festivals.

In addition to Misery, Scott is also a member of Laceration Mantra, a blackened death metal band formed in 2007. Laceration Mantra combines black and death metal to create a dark and atmospheric sonic experience. With blistering guitar riffs, intricate song structures, relentless blast beats, and a fusion of guttural growls and menacing screams, Laceration Mantra delves into themes of darkness, nihilism, and existentialism.

Laceration Mantra has garnered a reputation for their captivating live performances, where they bring their intense music to life on stage. Sharing stages with renowned metal acts and performing at festivals has solidified their presence in the Australian metal scene. Their distinct blend of black and death metal has attracted a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their uncompromising and aggressive approach to extreme music.

Join us as we delve into the world of Scott Edgar, exploring his contributions to Misery and Laceration Mantra, his musical influences, and his thoughts on his evolution as a talented guitarist. Prepare for an insightful and engaging interview with one of Brisbane’s most skilled guitarists ever. Stay tuned for a journey into the depths of extreme music!

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