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New music show November 2022

New music show November 2022

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Hot off the press, the November 2022 new music show brings to you new to-market cuts from IN FLAME, GAUPA, ABORTED, The Antichrist Imperium, Darkthrone, KIICHI CHAOS, ELUVEITIE, Devin Townsend, CABAL, Goatwhore, August Burns Red, KATATONIA, THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER, DIMMU BORGIR, Voïvod, THE HALO EFFECT, Defleshed, DESPISED ICON, Vio-Lence, OCEANS, We Came As Romans, FEAR FACTORY,  TURMION KÄTILÖT, Blacklist, False Figure, HOST, Lower Automation, MAMMOCK, Sxokondo, Void Of Vision, 96 BITTER BEINGS, Bad Wolves, FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES, GEN2, Groom Epoch, MATT O’REE BAND, Johnny Thunders, LS DUNES, THE ANSWER, TOUGH ON FRIDAYS, SPELL, GREEN LUNG, Nomadic Narwhal, Polyphia, DEVILPRIEST, Epidermal Veil, FAUSTIAN, Ingested, Orpheus Omega, Descend To Acheron, Cara Neir, Fell Ruin, Cryptae, IMPUGNER, Rigorous Institution, BLACK LAVA, Euphrosyne, MORBIKON, Vicissitude, Throwing Bricks, Anima Morte, DEATHLESS LEGACY, THERION, and Type O Negative.

ALMOST ***FIVE  HOURS*** OF KILLER NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises

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