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Robert Saler (Theologian, scholar, and author)

Robert Saler (Theologian, scholar, and author)

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Robert Saler is an Associate Dean for Evaluation and Assessment, Associate Professor of Theology and Culture, and Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence and the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program at the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Robert is also an author and theologian who specialises in the intersection of faith and modern society, covering pastoral sabbaticals, theology of the cross, and religion’s role in today’s culture. Steve Von Till from Neurosis introduced me to Robert, an opportunity I’m thankful for, as I’ve been eager to find a guest who resides at an intersection of extreme metal and faith for the show. 

It’d be tempting to say this is a different guest from what you are used to, but that isn’t true. I was the first journalist to contact Stuart Anstis, who blew the lid off the popular narratives surrounding Cradle of Filth. I’m the only person to interview Trey from Morbid Angel’s mother. Across 800 other episodes of the show, you have become familiar with my technique of allowing the guest to brooch topics across all social, political and religious contexts. 

The conversation goes beyond typical discussions of faith; it’s a deep exploration into his path to spirituality, ministry, and scholarly work in theology. I hope this is the first of many insightful discussions with Robert.

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