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End-of-Year Summary – 2023: Podcast Episode Reviews, Top Albums, Tour Overviews and much more!

End-of-Year Summary – 2023: Podcast Episode Reviews, Top Albums, Tour Overviews and much more!

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In wrapping up 2023 for the Scars and Guitars podcast, I take a closer look at the significant events and highlights defining the musical journey.

Throughout the year, I attended a variety of live performances, including shows by Emperor, I Am Morbid, Incantation, Extreme, Living Colour, Hanabie, Archspire, Ingested, Triple Kill, Orpheus Omega, Halo Effect, and Misery, amongst many others. I discuss each show and summarise the performance and why it was noteworthy. 

The podcast featured engaging conversations with prominent figures across heavy metal and beyond. I had the pleasure of hosting many Cradle of fIlth alums: Paul Ryan, Chris Bell, Nigel Wingrove, Mike Exeter, James McIlroy, and, notably, Sarah Jezebel Deva. There were conversations with Scott Edgar from Misery, Phil Soussan, Jesper Strömblad, the Tardy brothers from Obituary, Jason Bonham, Jamie Stinson AKA Astennu, Blitz from Overkill, Mille Petrozza, David Ellefson, Marc from Metal Church, Scott from Carnifex, Dave Coutts and Mark Dunn, Eric from The Amenta, Dave Haley and many, many more. I discuss why each episode is essential. 

In terms of literature, my collection expanded with the addition of the Silverchair Book and Tana Douglas’s roadie memoir. So I have something to say about these books. 

Regarding musical releases, several notable albums caught my attention. There’s a summary of each, and I explain why the alums are worthy. 

Suffocation’s “Hymns from the Apocrypha” highlighted Terrence Hobb’s consistent musical prowess. Overkill’s “Scorched” reaffirmed their enduring impact in the world of metal. “When Angels Kill” by Fifth Angel impressed with Ken Mary’s drumming finesse. Incantation’s “Unholy Deification” offered doom-tinged death metal at its best. Cadaver’s “The Age of the Offended” featured a strong death metal statement with Ronni Le Tekrø. Sadus returned with “The Shadow Inside,” showcasing Darren Travis’s dedication. Wes Hauch’s “Death is But a Door (EP)” demonstrated Wes Hauch’s guitar virtuosity. Grand Cadaver’s “Deities of Deathlike Sleep” delivered old-school Stockholm death metal. The Amenta’s “Plague of Locus” showcased their take on classic covers. Werewolves and Faustian, featuring Matt Wilcock, offered creative and competent riff-heavy music.

Additionally, I’ve compiled an eligibility list for future discussions, which includes Cyhra, Doro, Till the Dirt, Sylosis, Svalbard, Cryptopsy, Watain, Cavalera Brothers, Immortal, Alice Cooper, Cannibal Corpse, Shepherds Rein, Steven Wilson, AETERNUS, Aeons Abyss, Kataklysm, Ringworm, and Carnifex.

In conclusion, 2023 was a year filled with remarkable music and insightful conversations about extreme music. I remain committed to providing a serious and thoughtful perspective on the genre, and I look forward to continuing this journey in the future. Thank you for being a part of the musical exploration! Have a great Christmas and even better 2024! Andrew McK.

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