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New music show March 2024

New music show March 2024

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The Scars and Guitars new music show for March 2024 features Bruce Dickinson’s “Rain on the Graves” from The Mandrake Project and Midnight’s “F.O.A.L.” from their album Hellish Expectations, released under Metal Blade Records. The Hellacopters offer “Alright Already Now (Revisited)” from Grande Rock Revisited. Marko Hietala’s collaboration with Tarja in “Left On Mars” and Blackbriar’s “Moonflower” featuring Marjana Semkina showcase the diversity within Nuclear Blast’s catalogue.

Korpiklaani’s “Oraakkelit” from Rankarumpu, The Devil Wears Prada’s single “Ritual,” and Child’s punk-infused “Shitegeist” are all features. BAT and Witchgrinder contribute to rock and thrash. Sugar Horse’s “NEW DEAD ELVIS” offers a doomgaze experience, while Hamferð and Enslaved explore death-doom and Viking death metal themes. 

Exodikon, Wormwitch, Sadistic Ritual, and a host of bands under the death metal and doom subgenres headline a rich array of songs from the extreme side of metal. The episode also covers electronic and ‘core influences in metal, with CABAL’s collaboration with JOHN CXNNOR, Gost’s “Prophecy,” and SWARM6IX’s commentary on toxic relationships in “TOX(sick).”

AENIMUS, KEYGEN CHURCH, THE OMNIFIC, and If These Trees Could Talk represent prog and symphonic elements, showcasing the genre’s evolving landscape. PALLBEARER’s new one, “Where The Light Fades,” from Mind Burns Alive, also features. 

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