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New music show- September 2021

New music show- September 2021

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🎶 THREE HOURS OF NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises 🎶
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Massacre- The Innsmouth Strain
Carcass – Kelly’s Meat Emporium
Vader – An Act Of Darkness
Fear Factory – Recode
Sven Gali – Now
Smashed Gladys- Never Take No
Byron Nemeth – Engines Of Thunder
Sentinels- To Wither Away
Rageful- Slavery Ways
Act of Denial – Down That Line
Rotten Priest- TBA
Katana Cartel- Dime A Dozen
Dark Redeemer- Killing Ritual
DECONSECRATION- Dissected to Death
REBURIED- Sepulchral Stench
The Ramshackle Army – Highflyer
Excessive Force- Live Life For Idiots
Royal Hunt- SK 983
Tiny Tree – Idle Eyes
Paradise Lost – One Second (live)
Hjelvik- Synkverving
Go Ahead And Die – G.A.A.D.
Conquered Malevolence
Alluvial – The Putrid Sunrise
Summoner’s Circle – Vessel
Shumaun- Memories of Water
The Age of Ore- Deadline
Mandragora Scream- Lamia
Alfa Bravo- Zulu
Sargassus- Tiamat
Devour The Unborn- Beg for Death
Slamentation- Horrific Experiments of Putrefaction
Inhuman Atrocities- Dead on the Slab
Skrog – Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover)
Sabaton – Defence Of Moscow
Caskets- The.Only.Ones
Dave Coutts- Teargas In August
The Night Flight Orchestra – White Jeans
Interloper – Pathkeeper
Ren Marabou- The-Fallen-of-Ragnarok
Black Sabbath- Back Street Kids

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