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New Music Show February 2024

New Music Show February 2024

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The Scars and Guitars New Music Show returns for February 2024, showcasing an impressive roster of cutting-edge artists including I AM HERE, DORO, High on Fire, MY DYING BRIDE, Lesbian Bed Death, Saturday Night Satan, Olathia, Necrowretch, DAMNATIONIS, SULFURIC HATRED, ABERRATION, DIABOLIC OATH, Maurda, REFRACTURE, Black Hate, GATES TO HELL, Stellar Remains, 72 Legions, Manifestations, Lifesick, Dripping Decay, ABORTED, KAOSPHERE, JUNTA, and RAW WAR. Prepare for an exploration of extreme and blackened sounds.

Reflecting on recent months, a change in ownership in 2022 prompted the quest for a new podcast host. With Whooshkaa’s acquisition by Spotify, Anchor emerged as the recommended alternative, albeit with frustratingly limited music-sharing capabilities. Most of the music featured on the show was sourced directly from agents, musicians, and distributors, much of which wasn’t even available on Spotify. By November, it became evident that the show couldn’t continue under these constraints. Now, with the opportunity to host the show anew on a different platform and explore other music projects, listeners can tune in via iHeart Radio, iTunes, Amazon, and more.

The eagerly awaited return of the monthly music show is finally here, and it’s here to stay!

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