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New music show- August 2022

New music show- August 2022

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Hot off the press, the August 2022 new music show brings to you brand new cuts from BEHEMOTH, Arch Enemy, BLIND GUARDIAN, Ozzy Osbourne, DIMMU BORGIR, BELPHEGOR, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, STRATOVARIUS, Ghost, EXMORTUS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, LAMB OF GOD, In Flames, Oceans, Orpheus Omega, CABAL, PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER, ZEKE SKY, A Rising Force, OF MICE & MEN, NIK NXK (Nik Nocturnal), PhaseOne x Polaris, The Retaliators (movie) Theme Song, THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, KINGSMEN, MISS MAY I, COUNTERPARTS, RELIQA, ENTER SHIKARI, TERMINA, SILENT PLANET, LOST SOCIETY, Industrial Puke, Anxious Wave, Stick To Your Guns, BAD WOLVES, LESSMANN/VOSS, Satan, BUSH, SUEDE, FLOGGING MOLLY, Artwork For The Blind, Pathos and Logos, INTRØSPECT, Birth, TOBIAS SAMMET’S AVANTASIA, ELEINE, HEILUNG, Motherslug, Sunflo’er, DIMMU BORGIR, Αuriferous Flame, Gematria, Odd Circus, Contemplator, High Castle Teleorkestra, Spirit In The Room, Might, Lathe, Dawnwalker, Inhuman Depravity, Undeath, SEVENTH STORM, REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS, CELTIC HILLS, Tonic Breed, Primitive, I AM, and Primitive Man.

🎶 ALMOST ***SIX HOURS*** OF KILLER NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises 🎶

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