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New music show April 2024

New music show April 2024

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The Scars and Guitars April new music show is FULL of black and extreme shit!

The show kicks things off with DEICIDE performing “Sever The Tongue,” followed by Kerry King’s “Residue.” DARKTHRONE will present “Black Dawn Affiliation”, and ACCEPT brings “Humanoid.” The Omnific will showcase “Matrices,” and APOCALYPTICA covers “The Unforgiven II.” WARDRUNA will perform “Hertan,” with Týr following with “Dragons Never Die.”

DORO will hit the stage with “Lean Mean Rock Machine,” and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH teams up with DMX for “This Is The Way.” Orange Goblin delivers “(Not) Rocket Science,” and MONO will perform “Oath.” ZEAL & ARDOR are set to play “TO MY ILK,” with DOPETHRONE bringing “Shlaghammer.” Demersal introduces “Lys I Natten,” and Faustian performs “Primordial Rot.”

Skulldozer begins with “Bow To None,” PARACRONA features Baard Kolstad for “Carry The Cross.” Darkthrone returns with “The Bird People Of Nordland,” and Blaze Of Perdition plays “W kwiecie rozłamu.” Morgue Meat takes the stage with “Crushing The Messiah’s Skull,” followed by KRÅBØL with “Perish.” Enevelde will perform “Pandemonium,” and Whoredom Rife presents “Den Vrede Makt.”

Nekyian offers “Hevn,” and Nachtheem presents “Drift van Nostalgie.” Obscuration will play “Violent Art,” with Death Like Mass performing “Sorcery Unbridled.” Altar Of Gore introduces “Carrion Womb,” Hässlig plays “Slaves,” and Unborn Generation brings “Heritage.” UNITYTX is set for “PLAYING FAVORITES,” and 156/Silence presents “Unreasonable Doubt.”

Wage War will perform “NAIL5,” Make Them Suffer will present “Epitaph,” and ERRA will take the stage with “Cure.” AZIMUT19 will showcase “Anger Plague,” and SMOKE AxD will perform “Smoke All Day.” Vulture is lined up with “Oathbreaker,” and Belushi Speed Ball closes with “My Favorite Color is Pizza.” 

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