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Bill Steer (Carcass/ ex- Napalm Death)

Bill Steer (Carcass/ ex- Napalm Death)

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Join us for a chat with guitar iconoclast Bill Steer as Carcass prepares for a tour of Australia alongside The Black Dahlia Murder and Freedom of Fear throughout April 2024. We kick off the discussion by revisiting the seminal album Scum by Napalm Death, where Bill shares memories of the recording process and his contributions to the album’s songwriting.

We discuss From Enslavement to Obliteration, which topped the UK Indie charts, and explore its lasting significance to Bill and the band. We also talk about the idea of performing the album live at festivals.

The conversation shifts to Carcass’s The Curse EP, and Bill explains his departure from Napalm Death and provides insights into the catalyst behind his decision. Exploring Carcass’s sonic evolution from Reek of Putrefaction to Symphonies of Sickness, we discuss the inspirations behind the intricate compositions on the latter album, showcasing the band’s growth and musical prowess. Moving on to the making of Necroticism—Descanting the Insalubrious, Carcass’s first ‘guitar hero’ album, Bill shares the process of recruiting Michael Amott and their collaborative songwriting approach. Reflecting on the band’s deal with Columbia Records in the US, we discuss what could have been done differently.

Don’t miss the opportunity to catch Carcass live in action, alongside The Black Dahlia Murder and Freedom of Fear, on the following dates:

  • April 2nd: Magnet House, Perth
  • April 4th: The Gov, Adelaide
  • April 5th: Northcote Theatre, Melbourne (SELLING FAST!)
  • April 6th: Manning Bar, Sydney (SELLING FAST!)
  • April 7th: Princess Theatre, Brisbane
  • April 10th: Meow, Wellington April 11th: Loons, Christchurch
  • April 12th: Galatos, Auckland

Tickets are on sale now, so grab yours before they sell out!

Visit the following links for ticket purchases:

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