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Mille Petrozza (Kreator)

Mille Petrozza (Kreator)

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**Mille Petrozza on the Klash of the Titans Tour, collaborations, and current events** Mille Petrozza discusses the upcoming Klash of the Titans tour with In Flames scheduled for February 2024. We delve into the reasons behind the collaboration with In Flames and touch upon setlists and the album ‘Endorama.’

Mille also shares insights into his recent collaboration with Dani Filth and sheds light on what fans can expect from Kreator in terms of new music and upcoming projects.

We revisit a significant moment in Mille’s career, the debut album ‘Jesus Killing Machine’ by Voodoocult, featuring Chuck Schuldiner, and discuss his memories of working with Chuck.

Additionally, we explore Mille’s musical journey, including his work with Jan Peter Genkel on the Lacrimosa album ‘Revolution’.

The conversation takes a turn towards current events, with Mille sharing his perspective on the world’s instability, including the recent events in the Middle East. He addresses concerns regarding the rhetoric surrounding these issues and their impact on societies. Join us for this insightful interview with Mille Petrozza, and don’t forget to grab your tickets for the upcoming tour!

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