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Dave Haley (Werewolves/ King/ Psycroptic)

Dave Haley (Werewolves/ King/ Psycroptic)

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Throughout this chat with the revered extreme metal percussive juggernaut, we delve into Werewolves’ latest sonic assault, My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me, their fourth album. Dave opens up about the band’s creative process, shedding light on the differences between this release and their previous album, From the Cave to the Grave, and we explore his thoughts on Werewolves’ readiness to take their intense live performance abroad.

Dave reflects on the challenges and rewards of a career in the music industry, offering valuable lessons he’s learned along the way. Learn about his early intentions of making music his career and the pivotal moments that shaped his path.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Dave’s career is his ability to balance managerial commitments and multiple musical endeavours. He shares how he manages his time and discusses his dynamic partnership with guitarist Matt Willcock. Speaking of Matt, we uncover how their musical synergy has evolved.

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