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Scars and Guitars new music show November 2023

Scars and Guitars new music show November 2023

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November’s new music show presents a curated cascade of metal’s latest, promising a journey through melody and mayhem. Kicking off with THE HALO EFFECT, experience the rebirth of melodic death metal from the ashes of In Flames. Uncle Al and co. in MINISTRY then ratchet up the intensity, followed by the alt-metal punch of Helmet.

AMARANTHE will dazzle with their shimmering melodic metal, paving the way for KORPIKLAANI’s folk-metal festivities. PLINI’s virtuosic guitar work weaves a progressive tapestry before EQUILIBRIUM’s epic pagan anthems summon the gods of old.

LUTHARO storms the stage with their fresh metalcore vitality, and CELESTE envelopes us in their haunting post-metal embrace. BLEED FROM WITHIN keeps the adrenaline high with their modern metalcore assault, and STELLAR CIRCUITS dazzle with their progressive metal artistry.

ALLUVIAL brings technical prowess to the forefront, followed by the veterans, SADUS. FUMING MOUTH unleashes a hardcore inferno, while SUFFOCATION’s death metal mastery showcases unrelenting power. Black metal’s dark sacrament is then served by WATAIN’s sinister sound.

SULFURIC HATRED’s name alone promises a brutal, visceral experience, leading into ABYSSAL RIFT’s deep, death metal chasms. KROD wakes the beast with their thrash metal energy, while Abduction offers a black metal journey into the unknown.

Slôdder’s avant-garde sludge unfolds like a sonic odyssey, and VARATHRON’s Hellenic black metal spells weave ancient mysteries. Syn’s aggressive riffs cut deep, and AETERNUS brings forth their blackened death metal heritage.

Swansong serenades us with melodic metal before DROWN IN SULPHUR’s deathcore deluge plunges us into darkness. Wolvennest then conjures ethereal soundscapes while RESIN TOMB’s sludge-laden dirges emerge from the depths.

ALL THIS FILTH erupts with their name-sake’s intensity, Morne’s doom metal resonates with soul-crushing gravity, and Sadhus The Smoking Community envelop us in a psychedelic haze. SUICIDAL ANGELS deliver a thrash metal onslaught, GREEN LUNG’s stoner metal grooves provide a heady reprieve, and finally, DIMMU BORGIR’s symphonic black metal grandeur takes on a Ritchie Blackmore classic. Join us for a November to Remember.

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