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New music show October 2023

New music show October 2023

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Get ready for an auditory journey across the realm of extreme metal and beyond as the Scars and Guitars October new music show features tracks from The Amenta with an Alice in Chains cover,  ‘Angry Chair’ and a mighty version of Lord Kaos’ classic ‘Crystal Lakes’. LAMB OF GOD delivers their unmistakable sound with ‘Evidence,’ while ALLUVIAL’s ‘Bog Dweller’ takes us into the depths of progressive metal. Sunk Loto’s ‘The Gallows Wait’ brings a heavy groove, and Ice Nine Kills serves up ‘Meat & Greet’ with their theatrical edge.

CARNIFEX takes us into the abyss with ‘Infinite Night Terror,’ and SCOTT STAPP introspectively asks ‘What I Deserve.’ LENNY KRAVITZ offers a sonic departure with ‘TK421,’ while DORO beckons with ‘Children of the Dawn.’ AMBER WILD’s ‘Breakout’ ignites the stage, and GREEN LUNG delivers ‘One for Sorrow’ with a unique blend of doom and folk.

GRAVEYARD illuminates the scene with ‘Bright Lights,’ and ABLAZE brings their fiery sound with ‘OLD SCRATCH.’ MAYATRIX & THE PSYCHICS offer a dose of ‘Mortal & Divine,’ and CROSSBONE SKULLY makes the room boom with ‘THE BOOM WENT THE ROOM.’ ANGRA joins forces with former guitarist KIKO LOUREIRO on ‘CYCLES OF PAIN,’ and HOLLOW FRONT questions ‘Will I Run?’

HYPERIA goes ‘Crazy On You,’ and Crystal Lake’s ‘Dystopia’ returns with a relentless edge. EPICA captivates with ‘Code of Life (Live At The AFAS Live),’ and AMARANTHE keeps us grooving with ‘Insatiable.’ Ancient Streaming Assembly presents ‘Perpetuae Memoriae,’ and FUMING MOUTH promises ‘I’ll Find You.’

SADUS scorches with ‘Scorched And Burnt,’ while SUFFOCATION reveals ‘Perpetual Deception.’ Xoth takes us to ‘Sporecraft Zero,’ and Black Briar invokes the ‘Spirit of Forgetfulness.’ Cosmic Jaguar presents their ‘Obsidian Mirror,’ and AETERNUS hunts with ‘Existentialist Hunter (Single).’

WATAIN delivers ‘Ecstasies in Night Infinite (Live in Stockholm, 2022),’ and WAYFARER explores a ‘False Constellation.’ Shrouded guides us ‘Further Removed,’ and Like Sorrow invites us on ‘A Long Walk Into My Hell.’ CH’AHOM knots us in ‘Knots of Abhorrence I,’ while CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH launches ‘Bloodlust Raids of Vengeance.’

AXIOMA explores the ‘Primal Descent,’ and Thanamagus hides ‘Beneath Despondent Ash.’ Rank And Vile stands for ‘Churchstate,’ and TERRESTRIALS endure ‘Perennial Trials.’ SVALBARD defies with ‘Defiance,’ and VVON DOGMA presents ‘2 + 2 = 5.’

Closing the night, The Amenta returns with ‘Angry Chair,’ and FROM HELL pays tribute with their cover of Kiss’ ‘God of Thunder’

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