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New music show June 2023

New music show June 2023

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Welcome to the ultimate music extravaganza! Get ready to rock out with an electrifying lineup of bands that will blow your mind on this, the June 2023 Scars and Guitars new music show! 🎸🤘 Join us for an unforgettable music show featuring some of the greatest names in the industry. 🎶

Prepare to be captivated by the legendary Alice Cooper, who will bring his signature theatrics and hard-hitting tunes to the stage. 🎩🔥 Motorhead will unleash their iconic rock ‘n’ roll energy, while Danko Jones will have you jumping and headbanging to their high-octane sound. 🤟💥

Extreme will showcase their unparalleled musicianship, delivering a perfect blend of rock and metal. 🎸🤘 TYPE O NEGATIVE’s haunting melodies and gothic vibes will send chills down your spine, and Machine Head will bring their heavy riffs and intense stage presence. 🧛‍♂️🔥

ELEGANT WEAPONS, FIFTH ANGEL, and ASKING ALEXANDRIA will each offer their unique styles, ranging from hard-hitting rock to powerful rock-driven metalcore. 🤘🎵 L.S. Dunes, I PREVAIL, and The Beautiful Monument will grace the stage with their energetic performances and catchy hooks. 🎤🎶

ALT., BRING ME THE HORIZON, FIXATION, and HOLDING ABSENCE will push the boundaries of rock and metal, fusing genres and delivering explosive shows. 🔥🎸 MOVEMENTS will captivate you with their emotionally charged alternative rock, while Polaris will unleash their melodic hardcore sound. 🎵🔥

Sad Park, STELLAR CIRCUITS, CHAMBER, and Knocked Loose will bring the mosh pits alive with their relentless energy and heavy breakdowns. 🤘😈 Radiant Knife, RINGWORM, and SYLOSIS will melt your face with their blistering metal soundscapes. 🎸🔥

Prepare for a sonic assault as TEETH, Viserion, IMMORTAL, CAVALERA, ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN, CADAVER, and EXMORTUS unleash their metal fury. 🤘🔥 HYPOCRISY and KATAKLYSM will dominate the airwaves with their powerful death metal sound. 💀🤘

Feel the adrenaline surge with OUR LAST ENEMY, Pestilence, Dead Heat, GROVE STREET, Jason Ashcraft, and Sifting as they deliver their unrelenting brand of metal and hard rock. 🎸💥 Imperial Triumphant, Pylar, SUTEKH HEXEN & FUNERARY CALL, OGIVES, and DarkFlow will push the boundaries of experimental and atmospheric metal. 🌌🤘

Experience the melodic magic of CYHRA, BLACKBRIAR, and EPICA as they showcase their symphonic metal masterpieces. 🎻🎶 Jag Panzer and SCAR SYMMETRY will mesmerize you with their technical prowess and progressive metal sound. 🎸🎵

Join us for a music show like no other, where headbangers and rock enthusiasts come together to celebrate the power of music. 🤘🎶 Get ready to be blown away by the raw energy, unforgettable performances, and timeless hits from these incredible bands. 🤩🎸 Don’t miss out on this epic music show that will leave you craving for more! 🎉🔥

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