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Mike Exeter – Producer and engineer (Cradle of Filth/ Black Sabbath/ Judas Priest)

Mike Exeter – Producer and engineer (Cradle of Filth/ Black Sabbath/ Judas Priest)

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Grammy Winning producer and engineer Mike Exeter covers a heap of ground throughout this conversation. Mike talks about his work with Cradle of Filth across groundbreaking albums Dusk and Her Embrace and Cruelty and the Beast, as well as the From the Cradle to Enslave EP. He helps solve the riddle of why Jan Peter Genkel was asked to produce Cruelty and the Beast, and if you’ve listened to my conversations with Stuart Anstis, Nick Barker and Greg Moffitt, much of what Mike has to say expands on the topics covered in those episodes.  

Other topics covered include:  

♠️ Working with his good mate Tony Iommi throughout the past quarter of a century 

♠️ Working on Black Sabbath’s final album, and he puts to rest the speculation around Bill Ward’s non-involvement  

♠️ Dealing with Ozzy means that you’re dealing with Sharon, so hear what he has to say about Sharon  

♠️ He discusses what it was like to work with Rick Rubin 

♠️ We dive into his work with Judas Priest, and Mike settles the debate surrounding Glenn Tipton’s contribution to Firepower, the last Judas Priest album

♠️ He talks about working with Dio on the Heaven and Hell album from 2009 

♠️ His thoughts on working with Glenn Hughes, former Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland… there’s so much more.   

The conversation with Mike was recorded on a Sunday evening Brisbane time, so I’d just spent two days at Gold Coast water parks with my daughters, which is why I’m a shade of beetroot red, and why I’m not as articulate as I wished I could be, but Mike more than makes up for that. An excellent addition to the ‘Chronicles of Filth’!

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