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Kyle Castronovo

Kyle Castronovo

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Explore the rhythmic legacy of drumming prodigy Kyle Castronovo!

Join us for an interview delving into Kyle’s musical journey and impressive drumming skills, influenced by his father, Deen Castronovo, and his groove and swing.

Discover Kyle’s early connection to drums and the stories that led him to become a talented drummer.

Learn about Kyle’s collaborations with renowned artists, including his performances with Wednesday 13. Gain insights into their musical synergy.

Get an exclusive glimpse into Kyle’s black metal project and witness the evolution of his artistic expression.

Reflect on Kyle’s experiences touring with Wednesday 13 on Cradle of Filth’s Cryptoriana tour. Discover the camaraderie between musicians.

Uncover Kyle’s musical connections and find out if he has been approached to join high-profile projects.

Take a trip down memory lane as Kyle shares his earliest memories of watching his father perform. Discover the impact Deen had on Kyle’s musical path.

Unveil the invaluable advice Deen bestowed upon Kyle, shaping his drumming journey and propelling him towards greatness.

Explore Deen Castronovo’s discography and projects as Kyle reveals his favorite album or project by his father. Gain insights into Kyle’s musical influences.

Don’t miss this interview as we uncover the rhythms, inspirations, and connections defining Kyle Castronovo’s musical path.

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