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David Stepanavicius (ATRÆ BILIS)

David Stepanavicius (ATRÆ BILIS)

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I caught up with David Stepanavicius from ATRÆ BILIS to discuss their latest album, Aumicide. We talk about the evolution from 2021’s Apexapien, the intense themes behind “Inward to Abraxas,” and the stunning visuals that bring the track to life. 

David also illuminates the collaboration behind the album’s cover art and discusses the raw energy of Aumicide, shaped by Cyberdyne slams and vocal experiments. With more touring on the horizon, we explore their preparation and what fans can expect to live. 

Something else: David is an Aussie ex-pat living in Canada, so it was great to hear that he is doing well and capturing the attention of extreme metal fans across North America!

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