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Chris Basile (Pyrexia)

Chris Basile (Pyrexia)

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This episode features an exclusive interview with Chris Basile, the mastermind behind long-time New Your death metal outfit Pyrexia🤘

In this discussion, Chris reveals the motivating factor behind the highly anticipated re-release of Pyrexia’s iconic album, “System of The Animal,” through a remarkable 25th-anniversary edition. 🎵💥

Chris shares his insights on the fans’ response and their unwavering support throughout Pyrexia’s journey. 🙌🎶

Prepare to embark on a nostalgic trip as Chris reminisces about the early days with Terence Hobbs and the other members of Suffocation. Hear about the unforgettable experiences and the most cherished moments that shaped their musical path. Chris also pays homage to the legendary Doug Cerrito, discussing his contributions. 🎸🎙️

Pyrexia has achieved incredible longevity in the metal scene with a decades-long career. Gain insight into Chris’s thoughts on the band’s enduring success and ability to stay relevant in a constantly evolving musical landscape. 🎉🎶

In a thought-provoking segment, we delve into the sensitive topic surrounding the media coverage of the death of Jordan Neely. Chris shares his reflections on this event and how the media chose to cover it. 🚇

Finally, we explore Chris’s perspective on the media’s role in pushing critical race theory and its potential effects on societal divisions 📰🤔

Join us for this captivating interview as we uncover the fascinating world of Pyrexia, metal music, and the profound experiences that have shaped Chris Basile’s journey. 🎤🌟

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