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Brian ‘Itztlakamayeh’ Ortiz (Tzompantli)

Brian ‘Itztlakamayeh’ Ortiz (Tzompantli)

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Learn about the inspiration behind Tzompantli from ringleader Brian ‘Itztlakamayeh’ Ortiz through his reflection on the band’s identity and music. We explore the motivation behind blending indigenous/native rituals, history, and lore into their death/doom metal sound and Brian shares how traditional instruments enhance the band’s new album, Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force. We get to the bottom of how cohesion was maintained, with over ten musicians contributing to the album, and explore the significance of collaborating with members from different bands. I also gain insight into the creative process of recording, producing, and mastering the album. 

Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force is out now on LP, CD, MC, and digital platforms. Orders at the label webshop here.

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