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Rob Rieff (Laceration Mantra/ Motorized)

Rob Rieff (Laceration Mantra/ Motorized)

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Join Rob, one of Brisbane’s foremost musicians, in sharing his rich musical journey and experiences. We explore his standout performances with Motorized, including their recent show at the Backroom, and delve into his unique role as a singing bassist. Rob provides in-depth insights into his involvement with Laceration Mantra and the intricacies of managing multiple roles. Our conversation takes a deeper dive into Rob’s memorable experience at the Metal Gods show at the Mansfield Tavern, where he performed alongside Ripper Owens.

Discover Rob’s plans for the upcoming year with Laceration Mantra and Motorized. Get a glimpse of what fans can anticipate regarding new music and live performances. This interview offers a candid and contemplative perspective from a seasoned musician.

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