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Astennu (Dimmu Borgir/ Lord Kaos/ Carpe Tenebrum/ Covenant)

Astennu (Dimmu Borgir/ Lord Kaos/ Carpe Tenebrum/ Covenant)

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Astennu, the mastermind behind the legendary symphonic black metal ensemble Lord Kaos, has returned from a prolonged absence and is ready to unveil his resurrection. 🔥🤘

In this captivating video, he delves into the reasons behind the revival of Lord Kaos, taking us on a journey through his eventful past. Join us as we explore Astennu’s fascinating tale, beginning with his bold decision to leave Sydney behind in the mid-late 90s and embark on a transformative expedition to Norway. 🌍⚡️

Along the way, we uncover the intriguing chapters of his musical career, including his noteworthy involvement with Covenant (The Kovenant) and, ultimately, his illustrious tenure with the iconic Dimmu Borgir. Prepare to be enthralled by his personal account of those memorable years as Astennu reflects upon the pivotal moments and milestones that solidified his position as a highly esteemed and influential guitarist within the vibrant Norwegian black metal scene. 🎸🔥

Don’t miss this extraordinary narrative of passion, perseverance, and musical evolution. Tune in now to gain exclusive insights from a true luminary of the genre as Astennu sheds light on the reawakening of Lord Kaos and shares his perspective on the remarkable episodes that shaped his extraordinary career. 🎶✨🔥

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