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Lee Harrison (Monstrosity/ Terrorizer)

Lee Harrison (Monstrosity/ Terrorizer)

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🔥 Discover the legendary extreme metal journey of Monstrosty’s Lee Harrison | Exclusive Interview from June 2019! 🤘

Join us for an extraordinary conversation with one of the most iconic figures in extreme metal, the remarkable Lee Harrison 🥁🎸

In this captivating interview, recorded in June 2019, we delve into the fascinating story behind Lee’s unparalleled career as a 🤘 drummer and guitarist extraordinaire. With Monstrosity’s killer album, “The Passage of Existence,” 🎵 and Terrorizer’s electrifying release, “Caustic Attack,” ⚡ it’s the perfect moment to uncover Lee’s immense influence as a true pioneer of death metal. 🤘🔥

Don’t miss this chance to hear from an extreme metal legend! 🤘🎸

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