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Sarah Jezebel Deva (ex-Cradle Of Filth)

Sarah Jezebel Deva (ex-Cradle Of Filth)

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Many of you have eagerly awaited an episode featuring the illustrious Sarah Jezebel Deva, easily the most requested guest for the show by a considerable margin, owing to her pivotal role in Cradle of Filth.

The journey with Sarah has been intricate and enduring. At times, it appeared as though she might have moved on, akin to Gian (John), Les, and Robin. Yet, her responses to my messages kept the flame of hope alive that one day, she would unveil insights into her tenure with Cradle and Therion. However, today’s conversation delves even deeper.

These discussions serve as a platform for Cradle members to unveil long-held truths concealed for decades. The “Chronicles of Filth” has evolved into the premier platform for former members to peel away the layers of stories and narratives, reaching the core of matters or, at the very least, setting the record straight and dispelling falsehoods.

This conversation delivers everything you’ve been yearning for. This is Sarah, as you’ve never heard her before. She delves into her time with Cradle of Filth, candidly sharing her feelings and thoughts on numerous episodes from her noteworthy tenure with the group.

Sarah’s musical journey extends beyond her prominent role with Cradle of Filth. In her odyssey, she boldly explored uncharted territory with “Torn Between Two Worlds,” weaving intricate melodies and evocative lyrics that transcend genre boundaries, leading listeners on a profound emotional voyage. With Chris Rehn, she co-founded Angtoria, a symphonic metal sensation seamlessly blending haunting symphonic, gothic, and classical elements. Their debut album, “God Has a Plan for Us All,” etched indelible marks with Sarah’s commanding vocals and darkly enchanting lyrics.

Enjoy this conversation. It’s full of deep reveals and character insights.

Sarah keeps her Facebook page up to date so check it out:

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