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New music show- July 2021

New music show- July 2021

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🎶 SIX HOURS OF NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises 🎶
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1. Helmet- In the Ditch (The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four) 2. Tom Morello & Serj Tankian- Natural’s Not In It (The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four) 3. Gary Numan- Saints and Liars (Intruder)4. Andrew W.K- I’m in heaven (God is partying)5. Sumo Cyco- Bystander (Initiation)6. Capra- The Locust Preacher (In Transmission)7. Crypta- Dark Night Of The Soul (Echoes Of The Soul)8. Rise Against- Nowhere Generation (Nowhere Generation)9. Bullet For My Valentine- Knives (S/T)10. Alien Weaponry- Tangaroa (Tangaroa)11. Bodom After Midnight- Paint The Sky With Blood (Paint The Sky With Blood)12. Fractal Universe- Interfering Spherical Scenes (The Impassable Horizon)13. Total Recall- Poison Flow (Always Together)14. The Leviathan Project- Leviathan (It’s Their World – EP)15. Wasted Land- Fade Away (Single)16. Al-Namrood- Ez Al Mulook (Kitab Al Awthan)17. The Crown- Let the Hammering Begin! (Royal Destroyer)18. Zeolite – Nightmare (forthcoming debut album)19. To The Grave- Death By A Thousand Cuts (Epilogue)20. Desaster- Learn to Love the Void (Churches Without Saints)21. Desecrator- Summoning (Summoning)22. Katana Cartel- Bang Your Head (The Sacred Oath)23. I, Pariah- Denier (Dystopian Visions)24. Valverva- All Systems Fall (Cycle of Disaster)25. Stormruler- Reign Of The Winged Duke (Under The Burning Eclipse)26. Cirith Ungol- Shelob’s Lair (Half Past Human)27. Flotsam & Jetsam- Burn the Sky (Blood in the Water)28. Darkthrone- Hate Cloak (Eternal Hails)29. Thine Inner Sanctum- Dark Sky Weeping (Dark Sky Weeping)30. Dying Whale- Destroyer Of Light (Problem With Immortality)31. Trialogos- Batdance (Stroh Zu Gold)32. Orphan Donor- Celestial Mourning (Unravelled)33. Concilium- Shadow Gospels (Desecration)34. Metal Cavity- The Portal (Mass Rebel Infest)35. Headspawn- Satan Goss (Pretty Ugly People)36. Crypt Crawler- Delirium (Future Usurper)37. Rhapsody of Fire- I’ll Be Your Hero (Rain Of Fury Live- EP)38. Van Canto- Raise Your Horns (To The Power Of Eight)39. Subway to Sally- Kleid aus Rosen (Eisheilige Nacht – Back to Lindenpark)40. Tragedy- Stayin’ Alive (Disco Balls to the Wall)41. Tragedy- You’re the One That I Want (Disco Balls to the Wall)42. Prayer Line- Who Goes There (Thrill Me, Lick Me, F*#k me, Kill Me)43. Rob Gravelle- Suspended Animation (Single)44. WOR- Predator (Prisoners)45. Rapid Strike- Sweet Terror (S/T)46. Leadfinger- Nobody Knows (Single)47. Lunar Woods- Dead End (Single)48. Bloody Hell- Midnight Man (The Bloodening)49. Motörhead- The Hammer (Live at Newcastle City Hall ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’ Remastered)50. Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen- Taking My Chances (Smith/ Kotzen)51. PSSR- She’s Alright (Single)52. Deadline- Holy Diver ‘Dio cover’ (Abigail’s Crypt)53. VHF- Shattered Insomnia (Very High Frequency)54. Planet of the 8s with King Carrot- Holy Fire (Lagrange Point Vol 1.- EP)55. Nytt Land- Ritual (Ritual)56. David Minasian- Masquerade (Random Dreams: The Very Best of David Minasian Vol. 1.)57. Pentral- The Shell I’m Living In (What Lies Ahead of Us)58. Wax Mekanix- Black (Mobocracy)59. The Omnific- Wax and Wane (the first single from their forthcoming album due later in 2021.)60. Blackmore’s Night- Darker Shade of Black (Once Upon December)61. Black Sabbath- Supertzar Killing Yourself to Live (Live North American Tour ’75- Sabotage Super Deluxe edition)

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