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Matt Pike (Sleep/ High on Fire) and Jeff Matz (High on Fire)

Matt Pike (Sleep/ High on Fire) and Jeff Matz (High on Fire)

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Throughout the conversation with Matt Pike and Jeff Matz of Sleep and High on Fire, we discuss their latest studio album, Cometh the Storm. Our discussion goes into the album’s thematic layers, focusing on tracks like “Sol’s Golden Curse” and their relevance amidst current global events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, left-wing political authoritarianism, and societal unrest. We also explore Kurt Ballou of Converge’s role as the album’s producer. Matt shares insights into his solo project, Pike vs. the Automaton, and its potential influence on Cometh the Storm. Reflecting on Third Man Records Vault Package #52, featuring Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” with remastered audio, Matt provides his perspective. Additionally, he discusses Sleep’s previous release, “The Sciences,” marking their return after a hiatus. Jeff Matz offers insights into his dual commitment to teaching and music, and we touch upon drummer Coady Willis’s recent performance in Australia with The Melvins.

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