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Anders Odden (Cadaver)

Anders Odden (Cadaver)

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Uncover the truth behind Cadaver’s highly anticipated album, “The Age Of The Offended”!

Join us for an exclusive interview with Anders Odden as we explore the depths of Cadaver’s sixth album, releasing soon! Discover the thought-provoking themes and fearless exploration of controversial subjects in their music. Brace yourself for an intense journey through societal complexities.

What’s the influence of global institutions and the impact of non-elected decision-makers on the albums lyrics? Experience the epic sounds of “Sycophants Swing” and explore the band’s musical chemistry, including Dirk Verburen’s contribution. Reflect on their growth from the Morbid Angel tour and Anders Odden’s collaborations. Witness the raw energy of their live performances.

Unravel the mystery of Ronni Le Tekrø, the riff machine, and gain insights into Anders’ time with Celtic Frost. Don’t miss this exclusive interview, where we delve into the heart and soul of Cadaver’s latest album.

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