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Steven Campbell, Veronica Campbell and Ryan Roma (Avalanche)

Steven Campbell, Veronica Campbell and Ryan Roma (Avalanche)

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Avalanche celebrates the release of their latest single, “Hell’s Getting Hotter With You,” a track that captures the essence of their live energy, recorded in just three takes.

In the conversation with Steven Campbell (Vocals/Bass), Veronica ‘V’ Campbell (Lead Guitar), and Ryan Roma (Drums), we explore how their collaboration with Grammy-nominated and ARIA Award-winning producer Steve James has shaped the sonic landscape of “Hell’s Getting Hotter With You” and their overall recording approach.

Drawing from their experiences supporting acts like Buckcherry, Fozzy, and The Iron Maidens, the band shares insights into how touring alongside established bands has influenced their live performances and stage presence. Additionally, we discuss the distinctive elements of Aussie rock and how Avalanche incorporates that spirit into their unique sound.

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