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Riki Rachtman

Riki Rachtman

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🎉 Join Riki Rachtman for an exclusive chat as he shares his incredible journey ahead of his shows in Australia🎤

While you may know Riki from the internet, his iconic presence on Headbangers Ball from 1990 to 1995 was unseen by many in Australia. Back then, Pay TV, and MTV were yet to arrive. Did Riki have memorable encounters with Aussies during that time? Let’s find out! 📺🤔

In this gripping conversation, Riki reveals the truth about his most challenging interviews. Who was the most difficult person he ever encountered? 🤬 Who brought the most laughter into his life? 😂 And which talented musician does he believe deserves more recognition? 🎵🏆

Join us as Riki’s interview with Chris Jericho sheds light on his legendary club, the Cathouse. Will he consider starting a club again? Get ready to dive into this fascinating topic and explore the experiences of a club owner during those wild times. Prepare for some insane stories! 🕺💃🏻🏢

Reflecting on his incredible journey, Riki witnessed numerous individuals crash and burn. Brace yourself for the unexpected! 😱🔥

If given a chance, would Riki change anything about his remarkable past? Discover his thoughts on hindsight and his choices. Get ready for an honest and reflective moment! 🤔💭

Last but not least, find out if Riki Rachtman is still close friends with Dave Mustaine. Learn about their enduring bond and the memories they share. Friendship in the music industry is rare; this interview uncovers the truth! 🤝💎

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with Riki Rachtman, where his captivating stories and unfiltered insights will leave you craving for more. Tune in now and prepare for an unforgettable experience! 🎙️🔥🔓

Check out the Australian tour dates below:

  • Saturday, June 3: Adelaide – The Woodshed
  • Sunday, June 4: Brisbane – The Brightside
  • Friday, June 9: Melbourne – Stay Gold
  • Tuesday, June 10: Sydney – Factory Theatre

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