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New music show October 2022

New music show October 2022

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Hot off the press, the October 2022 new music show brings to you brand new cuts from Autopsy, IN FLAMES, CURRENTS, AVANTASIA, DEVIN TOWNSEND, GODSMACK, Vanilla Fudge, RivetSkull, GENGHIS NASH, L.S. DUNES, SKID ROW, EVA UNDER FIRE, ALL GOOD THINGS, ELECTRIC MARY, POLYPHIA, Ascends, Euphrosyne, Lorna Shore, PIERCE THE VEIL, VARIALS, Fire From The Gods, Manic Abraxas, Huracán, Ground, Bones, Phantom Corporation, AS PARADISE FALLS, ANTROPOFAGUS, Narcotic Wasteland, AENAON, Soul Dissolution, Ggu:ll, LORD OF CONFUSION, and finally… the Godfather;  Ozzy Osbourne!

ALMOST ***THREE  HOURS*** OF KILLER NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises

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