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New music show April 2023

New music show April 2023

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Hot off the press, the April 2023 new music show brings you brand new cuts from WOLFGANG VAN HALEN’S MAMMOTH WVH, Ghost, Sevendust, Danko Jones, IMMORTAL, OVERKILL, Thy Art Is Murder, LORDI, ELEGANT WEAPONS, ENFORCER, SABATON, The Hu, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, SYLOSIS, Currents, Archetypes, Collide, SILVERSTEIN, TORRENTIAL THRILL, Old Dirty Buzzard, RUN DEATHSTARS, Godsleep, OCEANLORD, Spirit Possession, DEMONICAL, All Hell, Forcefed Horsehead, Ugly, Walking Bombs, Lesotho, Celestial Burial, Catharsis, Verily, GOD DISEASE, Ex Nun, Gutted Christ, Mammon’s Throne, Suffering Quota, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, THE EATING CAVE ft DEMON KING, Voidscape, 8 HOUR ANIMAL, VULVANIC, CONCILIUM, NEKUS, V:XII, Nadir, Plague Bearer, Sidewalk Mafia, Spectral Lore, THE INFINITY RING, REASONS BEHIND, VVON DOGMA, OUR LAST ENEMY, Finality, THE SILENT RAGE, OSM, SCAR SYMMETRY, LIBERTO RIGONI, Yidhra

ALMOST ***FIVE HOURS*** OF KILLER NEW MUSIC!!!!!! Check out this diverse and eclectic collection; there’s something in there for everyone who loves hard rock, heavy metal, extreme metal, experimental music and some surprises. 

This show is dedicated to Sentient Ruin, who needs your support!!!

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