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Ken Mary (Fifth Angel, ex-Alice Cooper)

Ken Mary (Fifth Angel, ex-Alice Cooper)

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“Unveiling the Legendary Ken Mary: Rock & Metal Drummer Extraordinaire | Exclusive Interview! 🔥🥁

Join us in this electrifying episode as we sit down with Ken Mary, the maestro behind the drums of the iconic Fifth Angel! 🎸✨

Brace yourselves for an in-depth conversation fueled by their highly anticipated 2023 album ‘When Angel’s Kill.’ 🤘🔥

Prepare to be blown away as we delve into Ken’s awe-inspiring journey, having collaborated with legendary acts like Alice Cooper and an extensive list of influential bands. 🎶💥

Get ready for an exclusive exploration of his illustrious career and mind-blowing experiences. Expect nothing less than captivating social commentary and profound reflections that will leave you inspired! 🗣️💭

Don’t miss out on this must-watch episode! Hit that subscribe button and join us for an unforgettable conversation with a true rock and metal legend!

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