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John Joseph (Bloodclot/ ex- Cro-Mags

John Joseph (Bloodclot/ ex- Cro-Mags

A new album from Bloodclot, called Souls, will be available on December 16 2022, and the album is the catalyst for a chat with John. This conversation is notable as John talks about the government’s policy response to the Covid epidemic, amongst many other topics related to the rise of totalitarianism as it has manifested over the past few years. The rise of Marxist political instruments through identity politics, critical race theory, climate alarmism, Covid propaganda and the politics of envy give us plenty of fodder for conversation, and John isn’t afraid to call out cowardice and tell the truth in this gripping episode. 

PS: It’s already been banned on YouTube; check out what the psychopaths at big tech don’t want you, the free citizen, to hear. 

To pre-order the album, click here:

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