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Demonaz (Immortal)

Demonaz (Immortal)

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🔥 Demonaz (Immortal) Interview: War Against All 🔥 In this exclusive interview, Demonaz from the legendary black metal band Immortal discusses the highly anticipated new album, “War Against All.” Brace yourself for an epic return to the frozen realms of Nordic chaos! Topics discussed: 🎸 Is “War Against All” a Companion Album to “Battles in the North”? Prepare for a thrilling exploration into the depths of Immortal’s discography as we delve into the connection between their latest release and the iconic “Battles in the North.” Find out if “War Against All” is the long-awaited successor fans have been craving!

🌌 Unveiling the Essence of Blashrykh and Nordlandh 🌌 Discover the inspiration behind their bone-chilling tracks and the significance they hold for the band. 🎵 From “Northern Chaos Gods” to “War Against All” 🎵 Did any of the unforgettable songs from “Northern Chaos Gods” find their way into “War Against All”? Learn about the creative process and song selection as Demonaz reveals the secrets behind Immortal’s latest masterpiece.

🔥 A Battle of Instruments: Guitars, Bass, and Percussion 🔥 We go behind the scenes to uncover the intricate details of Immortal’s recording process. Find out who took charge of the guitars and bass, and get an exclusive insight into the talented percussionist that joined forces with the band.

🌟 Personal Moments and Unleashing the War Gods 🌟 Explore the depths of Demonaz’s artistic vision as he unveils the moments and tracks on “War Against All” that hold a special place in his heart. Discover the stories behind these powerful creations and their personal significance to the band.

🎤 Future Plans: Live Performances and Beyond 🎤 Are Immortal planning to unleash their fury on live stages? Tune in as we discuss their intentions and future tour plans. Brace yourself for an unforgettable live experience that will send shivers down your spine! Don’t miss this captivating interview with Demonaz from Immortal as we unravel the mysteries behind “War Against All” and delve into the heart of black metal’s icy domain.

Join us on this epic journey through the realms of chaos and darkness! 🔥🤘

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